adventures in learning to be green & finding a green career

About Me March 27, 2010

Corey is an energetic professional with an MBA in Sustainability.  She has navigated the clean tech start up space for several years experiencing the ups and downs of this volatile industry. In her free time which there seems to be a lot of, due to her employers losing capital,  she enjoys watching eco-documentaries & cartoons, reading and bicycling. You can view her LinkedIn profile at She is on a path to find her sustainable niche in this world.

Corey wants to combine her passions for “forward living” and people. She is analytical, detail oriented, organized, has the gift of gab and loves talking to people about the positive changes they can make for the betterment of themselves and the planet. These qualities make her a great asset for sustainable program development, as well as, getting the product out to the public.

She loves to make people laugh and prides herself on being the funniest person she knows! She loves to travel, try new foods and binge on desserts!!! Currently she is reading about how vegan’ism is a good avenue to avoid mainstream meat and dairy practices. In her younger years, she was captain of the basketball team, homecoming queen and graduated high school as the valedictorian.

This next step in life should be an interesting one.


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