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Baby steps to being green & why you need to be…. March 29, 2010

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It is my goal through this blog to communicate to you to what I am learning about the green economy and positive steps you can take.  Green used to be synonomous with being a hippie and if you weren’t, you were a yuppie. Of course those words are not used in my generation. Rather if that is the ideal you embrace, you are seen as being very left wing. But coming from a strong Biblical conservative, I can tell you that isn’t the case anymore.  I watch the 11th Hour, which is the documentary by Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Gorbichav. Although I do not agree with their anti-Biblical beliefs, their information on the state of the world was an eye opener. On a different, but similar note; Georgeously Green opened my eyes to see the food, that I have been eating my entire life, in a whole new perspective.

Indulge me if you will and give some thought to the topics I will share with you. If you have any comments or suggestions, please email me. If you have any job leads, please send those as well.

Tonight will be a quick topic: Milk

Americans would probably be prone to doing whatever was cheapest and easiest, opposed to what was environmentally and bodily friendly. The dollar was always my driving force. I would buy milk, yogurt and diet meals based on what was on sale not thinking of the ramifications.  Milk is generally something we all consume. But let me paint a picture for you of what it is you are actually drinking. Like I said, please keep an open mind and don’t stop reading because you don’t want to spend more money on USDA Organic and rather be ignorant of what is really going on.

Cows are treated as a commodity rather than letting them just be animals. I am for eating of animals. I am not a vegetarian. However, I rather eat/drink from an animal that had a “natural” life opposed to being injected with hormones, antibiotics, artificial insemination and packed in small spaces like pickles. (sardines have a lot of room in their packaging) The rBGH that you may see on milk products is a hormone that causes the cow to produce a heck of a lot more milk than their body was intended to produce. By milking them practically continously, it causes their udders to drag on the ground. That can lead to infections. I don’t know about you, but based on the treatment alone, I don’t want to support those mass producing dairys.

I know you may be saying, “I have been drinking milk my entire life and nothing has gone wrong. Who is to say I will ever get sick from the crap they inject into the cows and who cares about how they are treated?” Well, I wonder if you would feel that way if you actually got a first hand view of the farm. I don’t need to go that far to change my opinion. I am forking out the bucks for the small farms that are producing the milk naturally – USDA Organic. Don’t buy anything other “certified” milk . It needs to say USDA Organic to be sure of what the cows were fed, that there were no chemicals involved and that they were on a pasture. If you still don’t care, go right on and continue to plague your body and the bodies of your children with chemicals and supporting cruelty to animals. As stated in 11th Hour, whatever you purchase you are agreeing to the process by which it was made, the materials that went into it and what will happen to it when you don’t need it anymore.

Forgive me if I sound rude. This is a process for me too. We make decisions based on what we know. So I, like you, am just beginning the learning process. Good night!


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