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That’s a lot of beef… April 1, 2010

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If you have yet to watch Food, Inc., I really encourage you to. When Fast Food Nation came out a few years ago, I blatantly told people I will not watch that video because I love fast food. I have yet to watch the video, but now it is on the ‘to watch’ list. It’s like we enjoy being naive. We really don’t want to feel guilty or grossed out or scared as to what we are putting into our mouths. Ironic isn’t it? We like to live in ignorance and we are aware of it?!

Well times are a changing my friend and if you are actually reading my blog, you are now not living in ignorance. As stated in my previous blog, if you read this information and choose to do otherwise that is your decision. But remember what I quoted regarding the approval part of your purchases. What you buy is telling the manufacturer you approve of the steps they took to give you the product you hold in your hands. You are telling the farmers to keep on injecting hormones and antibiotics into the animals, that they can lock them up in dark spaces 24 hours a day and saying it is ok to feed cows “food” that is unnatural for their system.

When you think of a cow, you see a black and white cow standing out in the pasture. They are enjoying the sun and eating grass. That was the way it was intended for them live. Like the commercials that show the cows playing kickball and at the end it says, ‘happy cows come from California.’  We have taken something so simple and pure and turned it in to a mass production line. Cows don’t hang out in the pasture, they don’t even get to leave their jail. They don’t eat grass. They are forced to eat corn, grain and remains of their slaughtered friends. (corn will be another topic) They feed them this unnatural food to plump them up. Food Inc. stated 400 cows get slaughtered in an hour. Is that a production line or what!?

I understand that there is supply and demand. Like any business, they want to make the cheapest product, shorten their build process and make the highest return on investment. When it comes to material possessions we can understand and somewhat approve of it. But when it comes to the food we eat day in and day out, do we really want to approve of that process? When will we ever say enough is enough? When will we ever challenge the powerful forces that be? McDonald’s owns the most beef farms in America and you know the quality of meat that makes up your Quaterpounder. Just think that in 1lb of beef there could be up to a 100 cows represented in that package?

I know I am just touching briefly on the animal itself, but just think of all the other resources that get used up in that process. Energy in the form of fossil fuels, water, chemicals, feed. The danger of the manure containing E.coli that the cows stand ankle-deep in. That makes it easy to pass on to the other cows not to mention the run off into the soil. Why do you think veggies have shown evidence of containing E. coli? What a mess we have made of nature and how we do things. The processes we have created to mass produce has also turned into the dangers that have taken lives.

So as stated before, you can never go wrong with USDA Organic. Any other label is trying to condone one practice while highlighting another.

Peace out!


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