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Quality worth the price??? April 8, 2010

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Too many days have passed since my last post. I finished Food Inc yesterday and it was very insightful. I took probably 3 pages of notes throughout the movie. I have never been an activist or a fanatic about anything (except for my Christian beliefs). But the more I educate myself on what we are being fed by the few giant corporations that run our food supply, the more I think about what it takes in order for me to be that fist shaker? I can be an activist and influence those I am around. Hopefully, it doesn’t end with my statements, and they will carry it on to those they can influence.

If you haven’t watched the documentary yet, please please please take your brain out of the box you have put it in and open yourself up to an idea other than the fantasy in which you want to exist. I am going to quote a lot from the movie because I believe it needs to be spread.

We buy based on price. Dollar menus are all the craze. I have held a frequent buyer card up until now. In light of ecoli breakouts, do you know that hamburger filler has been cleansed in ammonia to hopefully kill the ecoli that would be in the hamburger meat? The founder of the company that produces this filler states,” food is a marriage of science and technology.” Along with that statement, genetically modified foods are everywhere. We just don’t know it. The “big guys” tell the government that putting genetically modified or meat that came from a cloned animal would raise unnecessary concern. I like how one farmer put it, “farmers are not allowed to make decisions about farming. Those decisions are being made in corporate board rooms.”

There is only one giant in the soybean business and this one giant is a dictator. Their soybean was made in a lab not off of a previous crop. No natural farming allowed and if you do, be prepared to be taken to court. To watch a deposition of a good wholesome farmer just trying to make a living farming pure corn, not corn made in a lab, defend himself against this corporate giant is sad. They win because the farmers can’t afford all the legal fees alone.

So let me ask you. Is the cheap price worth the poor quality of the food you are eating? They interviewed this poor family who does not have the money to eat well. The dad has diabetes and is on expensive medicine. Where do you think their money goes? Instead of breaking the cycle with their kids, they are practically forced to live off of dollar menus because the price of fruit is more than the price of a hamburger. It does break my heart to think about people not being able to eat good food because of money. As stated in the movie, “it costs more to eat better and people don’t have the money. So we need changes at the policy level so carrots are cheaper than chips.”

So what have we learned today? Meat has ammonia in it and a lot of our foods were produced in labs opposed to natural farming methods. We have been trained to think that food is cheap. I thought it was supposed to be, but when you think about what it is you are eating you can see why it is cheaper. It is a mass-produced product not actual food.  A lot of the food we eat and drink is made up of genetically modified corn. They make it ‘faster, fatter, bigger and cheaper.’ That is why our view of food being cheap is skewed and why organic is synonymous with expensive.

Consumers do have the power. We need to demand good food by paying for organic and farm raised. It is not a matter of the farmers being able to keep up with demand. Trust me, if we demand something, we will get it. So are we willing to forgo quality and support the measures corporate America is taking when it comes to our food so we can eat off the dollar menu, drink hormone-infused milk and buy cheap artificial frozen food?

Well I tell you one thing. This unemployed girl is willing to pay more for what is actual food! Lean Cuisine and dollar menus no longer get my business. If I can only afford to live off of organic milk and cereal than so be it, but I can say with a clear conscious that I am supporting the good guys!

I sound like an activist, huh? ;p


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