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How I afford Organic April 13, 2010

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Being that I am unemployed and looking at only 5 weeks left on my unemployment benefits, how am I to afford to live organically? Well, I have made a decision to live this lifestyle without compromising. Honestly, all the groceries I buy are organic; however, I may have the occasional slip up at a pizza joint. I have come upon some useful information when grocery shopping and I want to pass it along to you.

I am a huge fan of coupons. I know some people can’t bring themselves to use them. But my question to those people is why? Is is pride? Do you think you are too rich to use a coupon? If so, your reasoning is far beyond me. If I save a dollar on one product and 50 cents on another, those add up over a month and especially over a year! I am sure that if someone was walking down the street and offered to give you a dollar, you would take it. But when it comes to purchasing groceries you rather give that dollar away for no reason.

Here are some sites that I visit before heading out to the store. I suggest you sign up to be on their lists in order to receive additional coupons and offers. (sign up to be a part of the Mothers of Organics and Farm friends to get additional offers) (sign up for their rewards program by typing in the codes from your yogurt to receive additional coupons and offers)

Also keep your eyes open for coupons at the grocery store. Whole Foods has a flyer placed outside/around their store that contains coupons and recipes. Henry’s market will hang coupons in front of the products. Look closely because it could just be a generic coupon for that brand and not necessarily for the specific product in front of you.

I hope this helps a little bit and I will keep you aware of more deals that I discover. I am off to read Gorgeously Green.

Good Night, Corey


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