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Fast Food Nation June 17, 2010

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Due to my new job and long commute, it has been very difficult to post about my “green” adventures.

However, I am staying up past my bedtime to post a review of this movie. I am absolutely appalledĀ at the distasteĀ of a movie that is supposed to represent the poor quality of food in America. Instead it follows plot lines of drug use, human trafficking, sex and the like. I finally had to turn it off because I felt so uncomfortable watching it. After turning if off, I read the description on the Netflix envelope.

It actually said that this movie follows the beef from the corral to the slaughterhouse to your stomach. Yeah right!!!!! If you want something with real information without all this Hollywood intervention, watch Food Inc, Future of Food, 11th Hour… do not waste your time watching this movie.

Ironically I know of a person that became a vegetarian after watching this move when it came out a few years ago. After watching it, I don’t even know why they would. There was not a shred of actual information. Instead amongst all the drugs and inappropriate situations, they just focus on the meat having fecal matter in it. OK, well how about some more information. Instead they fill it with scenes that are going to bug me because I personally don’t want to fill my mind with smut.

And that is what this movie is… SMUT!