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“you are what you eat” September 19, 2010

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We have all heard that phrase. Usually it is with regards to all the junk food we eat and what the ramifications will be. However, this time I will use the phrase differently. Our skin absorbs whatever we put on it thereby entering our system. Ergo that is why there are topical medications.

Now think about the many products you put on your skin. Obviously that quantity is a lot higher for women. Do we ever think of eating those products? Of course not! Gross! But it is said that what we put on our bodies, we are “essentially” eating. So if we take that mindset and look at the ingredients of our daily products, what actions would we take? Do we say, “who cares, I have been applying them this long and nothing has happened.” Or do we decide to take action by believing this fact and changing our beauty habits? (Guys you can take action as well. This includes your soap, shaving cream, aftershave and more for the metro sexual.)

I have decided to take action. This week I purchased soap, toothpaste, face wash, toner and moisturizer that can “essentially” be eaten. Well, that is what the manufacturer claims. However, I will just take their word for it.

We are a lazy people. I will be the first to state that I am. Yes we all joke about how microwaves take too long, fast food is convenient and that it takes too much effort and money to take better care of ourselves. But my final thought for you to ponder is this. Does it sound absurd to use the excuse “organic is too expensive”‘; therefore, I have decided to eat something that is chemically laden instead? Our affiliation that food should be cheap is so skewed. We have been trained to think that food should be cheap. Therefore, we feed into what they want us to buy. How else would the giant food corporations remain so big and continue to grow?  Fight the system and do something that will actually be beneficial for you.

Besides, do you really want to pour yourself a nice glass of moisturizer for dinner and a plate of makeup for dessert?