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To eat meat or not to eat meat… that is the Question?! May 15, 2012

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So it has been close to a year and a half since my last post. Now that I am about to get laid off and finish my Sustainable MBA program, I should have more time to devote to ruminations about sustainability, clean living and whatever other rants I am on.

So a couple days ago I watched the documentary ‘Fork over Knives’. It was enlightening. I know that all things should be taken with a grain of salt due to the many biases documentaries represent, but this one was insightful. The very short synopsis is that we should all live vegan lifestyles to benefit our health and the planet. ItĀ  talks about the powerful messaging that started around WWII with the focus on meat and dairy products as being the main sources for our protein intake. However, they compare those meat and dairy eaters with the rate of people being affected with cancers, CVD and other diseases from that time frame till now. The doctors conducted surveys of large groups of people and found a link. In fact, one of the doctors took on 12 patients who stopped their meds and started a whole foods vegan diet. All patients showed positive results.One lady was told by her primary care physician to prepare for death. Well she proved him wrong with this new found vegan lifestyle.

What makes my little brain ponder is the argument over eating meat. Me being a conservative Christian doesn’t see a problem eating meat due to scripture saying it’s cool to eat it. BUT, why is it all of a sudden becoming an issue? Maybe it is because we are consuming more of it these days and are altering the make up of animals in a big way. From injecting hormones and antibiotics in cows to genetically engineering chickens to grow faster than what their body can literally hold. ** side note, Food Inc. is a great movie and shows the sad reality that chickens can’t even walk around because their bodies are growing too fast. They just sit around till they are thrown in a truck and taken off to slaughter. Nothing is “natural” about this. I hate how the big companies put the word “natural” on their products when there is literally nothing natural about them. OK, rant is over..**

The documentary mentioned how even organic meatsĀ  should be avoided. I’m not a scientist so I can’t make any statements in sound mind, but I think eating organic meat here and there should be fine. BUT, they do comment that all dairy products should be avoided as well. I do like how they state that you can’t take a product that is made for a calf and expect it to have great health benefits to a human.

So my takeaways… I am going to finish my milk that I bought a week ago. No reason to waste it. However, I will try hemp or soy milk next. No more buying of cheese or yogurt products either. I am a big dairy eater so this will be a challenge, but they may have made a believer out of me. I will keep you updated on what tastes good :)… you can trust me… I am a foodie!

Good Night and Peace Out!