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Hi Mr. Obama, may I have a job? January 28, 2013

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Today I read an article on Green Biz that President Obama has rejected a carbon tax for polluting companies. Instead the article said he wants to invest in clean energy technology to boost green job growth.  In a previous speech I heard him state that his goal is to provide each American that wants a job, a job. Well I want a job Mr. President. Any ideas how to make it happen? I am interested to see how these big goals will actually be accomplished. There are many of us highly capable educated professionals that are racking their brains on how to land that job. I’m just curious how Washington is going to make that dream come to fruition to a couple million people. I have worked for 3 clean tech starts ups all of which ended in lay offs. Money isn’t always the issue. Having worked for 2 solar companies and an electric vehicle company, money is needed for countless hours of design, pre-production and testing, but that is being done by a handful of engineers. So if Washington invests billions into clean tech start ups, it won’t be to employ the couple million that are unemployed. Most likely it will be a few out of work and the majority will be currently employed just shifting companies. That is not enough to solve the grand problem of displaced people. There needs to be a systematic approach. Maybe the article didn’t do the president or decision makers justice, but it isn’t just renewable energy that will provide the opportunities for Americans. There are many avenues to reducing our environmental footprint and hopefully it won’t solely be the president that will talk about helping the unemployed. It takes everyone. I’m sure the president won’t be able to make that job connection, letter of recommendation or look at a resume with hope. May all of America see this as a problem to be dealt with and not just relying on someone else to solve it. It takes all of us.